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We Offer


E1Pay help you to accept electronic Credit and Debit card payments quickly and seamlessly, with affordable processing fees. With an extensive network of processing platforms and systems provided by our banking partners, you can rely on E1Pay's solutions to process all types of payments for your business.



If you have customers located out of the United States of America, we can offer you US check processing.

with us you can accept payments from any bank account linked with the US ACH  Network.


If you are being rejected by other payment processors due to  your business nature falling within the unacceptable/restricted merchant category then look no further.
E1Pay will review your business, according to our risk parameter and Visa regulation. if your offering is acceptable, We will open an account for you.
This way, you can think of having a solution without straight No, like other processors.

With over 13 years of experience, our team has the knowledge and expertise to ensure the delivery of professional, accurate and high quality card processing services for every business.

Accept Credit and Debit Cards in your Website or Apps

Our mission is to add value to your business and contribute to your success by minimizing the headache of accepting online payments. Our team of experts work to provide you with cutting-edge advice on high-level merchant services. 

Fraud Protection

We offer several fraud prevention measures for your merchant account

Our merchant account fraud protection system secures your account from fraudsters and credit card scams. We pledge to protect you and your customers' data through the hard work of our merchant account managers and underwriters,which ensures protection against even high-level cyber attacks.


  • Historical database of fraudulent customers

  • Address Verification System (AVS) checks

  • Telephone order verification

  • Name and email verification

  • PCI compliance

  • 3D-secure processing

  • Chargeback prevention


By implementing the latest payments technologies, we have been able to expand and improve our software, allowing you to offer the quickest and safest payment methods to your clients.

Striving to make E1Pay as convenient and functional as possible, we have equipped our solutions with a number of high-tech features that make our gateway as efficient as possible with a guarantee of 99.99 uptime.

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