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Features of E1Pay Payment System

We take care of the needs of your customers and the safety of your business. We offers a variety of advanced features to ensure safety and comfort when accepting payments online

Advanced Anti-Fraud System

E1Pay utilizes the most modern security and identification methods to protect your website from fraud.

  • IP address and location verification at the moment of payment

  • Checking and keeping track of devices used by customers

  • Identity masking and proxy service detection

  • Bank card identification number validation

API Web Connection

Smart API customization lets you choose from a wide array of options, not usually available to pre-packaged payment processing services. Consequently, tweaking and editing your eCommerce capabilities to suit your business needs is quick and easy.

  • Customizability and integration with any website design

  • Unlimited structuring and appearance settings

  • Functional interaction with various elements of your existing website

International Processing and Settlement

As a trusted payments processor all over the world, E1Pay has all the tools needed to handle international payments with professional diligence.

  • Smooth international wire transfers

  • Fund remittances to any bank account in the world (except in restricted countries)

Compliant with international standards as a certified financial institution, E1Pay offer budget-friendly and efficient ways of handling international business transactions, invoices and refunds to any bank in the world.

Email payments In order to offer more payment options for your clients, E1Pay gives the opportunity to send out e-mails that contain links to  invoices, making purchasing on various platforms quick and easy. Give your clients another option for online payments.

Verify the purchaser’s identity by,-sending the invoice to the client’s e-mail.

Reduce website traffic by, diverting payments through another channel.

Email notifications for every transaction

E1Pay also offer online email notifications for each transaction processed by our gateway software

• Transaction email to the merchant for each approved order.

• Transaction email to each customer after every order.

• Money request notification to the client to pay

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