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Merchant Protection Policy

Safe online trading has become a daunting task for traders. So, in favour of sellers, we're introducing seller protection to protect your online sales, minimizing chargebacks and friendly fraud. Take a good start, set up your online business. We support you.

We understand the importance of security in online business, so we have created a merchant protection program to protect you from market threats.


Our Efforts are to Bring the Changes


Our constant efforts make it easy for you to secure an online sale. When you choose a merchant account with E1pay, we offer free merchant protection with no extra charges for eligible transactions. We also do not limit the number of eligible payments as long as you meet the eligibility requirements.


Merchant Protection Covers:

Unauthorized Transaction

There's a payment, but the cardholder/customer claims that he/ she didn't initiate payment.

Chargeback Prevention Plan

Merchants get support under our chargeback protection and mitigation plan in every possible way to protect their business and minimize the chargebacks ratio.

Fraud Protection System

E1pay protects your business from fraudulent payments and other threats available in the industry. We support you with a safe and secure payment processing atmosphere for your business.

Secure Technology

With our SSL and TLS encryption tools, your transactions are highly secured and encrypted from start to finish.



To provide you with unparalleled security, we help you in monitoring transactions 24*7.

Global Transactions

Get the ability to buy or sell worldwide. We process and accept all major currencies to buy or sell products or services securely.


Maintains Secrecy

At E1pay, we assure you that we keep secret any sensitive data shared with you and not share it with others.


Stay Secure

Merchant protection will automatically apply to your qualified sales – be it electronics, travel or concert tickets, business services and more.

  1. Sell with confidence

  2. Minimum risk

  3. Keep more of your profits


Eligibility Conditions

To be eligible for a merchant protection plan, you must meet these requirements:

  1. You receive payment via E1pay from a buyer account.

  2. E1pay must consider the payment as eligible or partly eligible for merchant protection on your Account page. If it is observed, eligible, protection for Unapproved Transaction will apply.

  3. You must respond to E1pay requests for documentation or other information that E1pay reasonably requires to investigate promptly.


Suspension of Eligibility for E1pay Merchant Protection Plan

We may suspend your eligibility for the E1pay merchant protection plan if we endure a reasonable belief that there is an extended risk associated with your Account. In evaluating risk, we will consider:

  1. The total financial amount and/or the number of Claims, Chargebacks or Reversals recorded against your Account.

  2. The credible risk of your Account to the honour of E1pay and our system.

  3. Possible losses ensue to us and/or our users.

  4. We may debar your eligibility for the E1pay merchant protection plan if linked or associated with another Account that has been suspended.

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