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 E1Pay's Payments System

E1Pay's services allow you to make single 
or large-scale disbursements via most popular electronic systems.

The flexibility and non-linearity of our approach to business solutions,together with the efficiency to take on bold challenges in the industry,make E1Pay the ideal choice. E1Pay is expanding its influence into the international market, as well as providing cutting edge processing technology for bank cards and electronic wallets.

  • For E1Pay,individual approach and high quality of service play a vital part in our character as a business.

  • We choose, create and implement the most beneficial processing conditions for both low-risk and high-risk categories.

  • We support alternative payment systems, like SOFORT, direct debit, SEPA, Alipay, WeChatPay, US check payments....etc

  • We settle directly to business bank accounts on a weekly basis.

Prepaid Visa Card

If you are looking for a payout solution for your customers, we offer prepaid Visa cards (bulk orders only min order 500 cards).
Users can load balance onto these cards and can use them to pay at any merchant outlet- which accepts Visa logo cards.

These can also be used to make withdrawals from cash points available at bank/kiosk counters.

API Web Connection

With our API, you can on-board your store with us, using our plug and play system, which makes processing online payments completely seamless. Our API can be used to process real time payments by Visa/MasterCard/AMEX/JCB and Discover Card*

Local Payments

E1Pay also offers  local payments for merchants,- who are already processing Credit and Debit cards and want to add local payments to their payment methods.

• Offer a large range of preferred local payment methods

• Offer your customers the option to pay with the local payment methods that are preferred in their country

• Simple API integration into a single-interface local payment platforms

Faster Settlement

We only work with large volume merchants processing over 100,000 USD per month. Merchants processing less may not get approved with us.

Our processing settlement goes out on Mondays on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Reach out to us for the final approved terms. 

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